Post 16 curriculum

Post 16 Overview

When students enter Post 16, the school’s ethos of developing confidence, competence and independence is what we try to communicate throughout every aspect of the curriculum. Our Post 16 curriculum enables students to meet the desired outcomes in all areas of need identified in their EHCPs

Setting and resources

At Walton Hall our Key Stage 5 provision is set in a Victorian House in landscaped grounds, which is an ideal setting to allow the students to develop increasing levels of independence and a key stage identity. Within the building we have specific resources that enable us to deliver our vocational curriculum, for example a recording studio, media suite and music room. We are also close to other onsite resources such as the school farm, motor vehicle department and horticulture centre.

Groupings and core curriculum

In Post 16, students are placed into different teaching groups depending on age and need. A KS5 group for students with more complex learning needs  and where staffing ratios are higher to meet the needs of the students  is based in the specialist room in the coach house.  In all of these groups students will continue to build on skills in Literacy and Numeracy to the appropriate level from Pre-Entry through to Level 1/2 and GCSE.   Those that are able to will complete GCSE examinations and Functional Skills accreditations, whilst others work on Personal Progress units that cover all core subjects. All work will incorporate adult based learning where skills can be applied to work and life situations.

Additional to this, students will complete courses in ICT, PFA Growth, Employment and Independence, and Home Cooking Skills. Through the delivery of these courses we hope to fully prepare our students for the transition onto the next stage in their lives, whether this is further education, work, supported employment or independent living.

Vocational Courses

We offer a vast range of inclusive vocational options that make full use of the school’s extensive site. These include Farming and Animal Care, Horticulture, Motor Vehicle Technology, Music Technology – Radio production, Creative Media, Art & Design and Performing Arts. It is hoped that through these courses students acquire knowledge about various jobs and the experience of work skills needed in each area. Offering such a diverse range of options will support students to find something that they would be interested in studying or working in when they leave Walton Hall.

Additional information and enrichment activities                                                   

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in KS5 that is student centred, holistic and develops the whole child.

In addition to our accredited vocational courses, we offer a selection of enrichment options that will further develop hobbies and interests within a more relaxed style of learning. Students will have the opportunity to choose every half to term from a selection of options on offer e.g. football, dance, gardening, fitness and many more.

Emotional wellbeing is of utmost importance and students have the opportunity to access therapeutic sessions such as interventions from the school welfare support officer, behaviour manager, school counsellor or from other services that we can refer into.

Pastoral sessions involve personal tutorials, talks on transition and sessions to develop emotional literacy and resilience. An important aspect of Post 16’s curriculum includes weekly sessions where we look at current affairs and news around the world, through our votes for schools lessons. These sessions generate discussions and develop knowledge regarding key issues such as British Values, democracy, radicalisation and CSE.

Work Experience

Completion of work experience is also a very important aspect of Post 16 whether this is through one day a week extended placements throughout the year, block placements or internal placements. This is an excellent way of developing practical work skills, confidence and knowledge. The type and duration of work experience will depend on ability and the stage of learning the students are at in Post 16.

Some students in their last year of Post 16 may also have the opportunity to complete a Supported Internship where they will go on work placement for 3 days and spend two days in school further developing their basic skills. This is an effective way to support students into employment after school.

Additional Information

Finally, through the curriculum provided in Post 16, our school’s residential provision and other experiences such as residential trips and a range of outdoor activities, we aim to fully equip our students for transition. It is hoped that all students have many positive learning experiences that enable them to leave us as mature, independent, confident, and competent young adults with clear ideas about their future.