Vocational education

Vocational Education Overview

As part of our Preparation for Adult Life Curriculum, students from year 10 onwards access a number of vocational options to develop skills and awareness of the world of work. The vocational options are in addition to the core subjects and run in double lesson blocks. Most options are accredited at Entry Level and up to Level 2 where appropriate.

The vocational options make the most of our onsite resources and are reviewed yearly to meet with student choice and aspirations. Units of qualification can be aggregated in subject areas to achieve BTEC Awards, Certificates and Diplomas or can count towards a Personal Progress Award at a Pre Entry/ Entry 1 level.

Vocational studies allow our students to identify potential areas of interest for employment, further study at college or as a leisure interest in their adult life.

For students in our seekers pathway the timetable includes access to most vocational areas where appropriate to student’s abilities, interests and needs.


For our Key Stage 4 options booklet for 2023-2024 please click here



The academy runs a Preparation for Adult Life Evening where students and their parents can meet with educational and other providers and access further training in these areas.

Our vocational programme is further enhanced by world of work weeks, work experience, employer visits, annual trip to Work Skills Road Show at Birmingham NEC and supported internship programmes for our leavers.