Humanities at Walton Hall Academy

Knowing the World about you is a key factor in our ability to function constructively in society. At Walton Hall the Humanities curriculum is designed for our KS3 students to understand our society and how we interact in our environment. Students are encouraged to ask challenging questions about why we as a society do the things we do.

Our Humanities subjects incorporate Geography, History and RE. Within KS3 they are taught discreetly as independent subjects following the National Curriculum. Within our pastoral pathways groups  Humanities provides the topic and theme that underpins learning through Literacy, Numeracy, and Creative studies. In KS4 students study humanities subjects through WJEC personal pathways. Topics of study include people and protest where students learn to investigate the success of protests. They also study a British Society of the Past – The 1960’s.

Our aims:

In Geography it is important that we know our place in the world, and how we as human beings impact on the environment. As we delve deeper into the studies we start to understand how our actions affect others and question how we can improve issues such as recycling, climate change and migration.

History enables us to understand where we have come from. How did the generations before us influence today’s technology and society? To understand the concept of time, we learn about significant events and how they have shaped our activities and understanding of the world. Importantly we remember those who have influenced our lives in the past and made significant impacts for our future.

RE focuses on our personal beliefs. How religion influences our choices and values. Students learn how different religions teach a variety of values and can compare their impact across the world.

Our Humanities subjects are supported by field trips into the community to understand our learning in the real world.